Carbon Sequestering

Sequestering of Carbon at Fair Share Farm

It is the job of a biological farmer to feed the soil. Just like us, the soil has an appetite and the ability to grow. In order to add soil and organic matter to a farm it is necessary to provide a diverse diet, and a substantial amount of organic matter each year. At our farm we do this through a combination of cover cropping, mulching, compost application, chicken rotations, mineral additions, and water management.

In 2002 we began farming ridgetop land here in NE Clay County, Missouri. The land had been farmed using chemical agriculture practices. After 5 years or biological farming practices the soil began to show a steady upward trend in organic matter. Since 2008 we have increased our soil organic matter by more than 2 percent.

The source of the organic matter added to our soil is the carbon in the air. Carbon dioxide is turned into plant matter by photosynthesis.  When we grow and turn under a cover crop this carbon is then incorporated into the soil. This removing of carbon from the atmosphere and putting it into the soil is know as sequestering. Since 2008 we have sequestered an average of over 75,000 pounds per year of carbon dioxide.


2017 soils data summary