What is Community Supported Agriculture?

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Picking beans with the CSA

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an association between farmers and eaters who join together to build a sustainable local food system.  Eaters pay for their share of produce in advance of the growing season, thereby protecting the farm from the erratic nature of weather and market forces.  In return, the farm provides weekly shares of fresh, seasonal, organically-grown vegetables, fruits, and herbs to the membership. The CSA members and the farm share in the risks and rewards of organic farming, from hail storms to bumper crops. Families and individuals who join the Fair Share Farm CSA receive a share of produce every other week during the growing season from mid-April through mid-November. CSA members sign a contract for the season, agree to pay in advance, and help with some of the work of harvest and distribution of the food. Fair Share Farm grows a diversity of produce, including many heirlooms known for their wonderful flavor. Depending on the time of the season, shares can include freshly dug potatoes, herbs and heirloom tomatoes, along with more familiar vegetables like carrots, lettuce, and green beans.

CSA members also receive:

  • Information on storing and preparing the season’s harvest on our blog.
  • An opportunity for you and your family to connect to the land, soil, and people who grow your food.
  • The chance to connect with fellow CSA members who share a concern for local, organic agriculture during farm shifts, distribution, and our annual farm potluck.

What is a Share?

Shares will consist of 6 to 8 items for 16 weeks (every other week distribution) running from mid-April through mid-November. Every week the share of produce will be different depending on the season. Below are examples of what might be in a share each season.

  • Spring: lettuce, chard, kale, Asian greens, green onions, green garlic, spring turnips, strawberries
  • Summer: cabbage, potatoes, carrots, onions, sweet peppers, basil, garlic, tomatoes
  • Fall: lettuce, chard, kale, Asian greens,  onions, garlic, spring turnips, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, leeks

Distribution Sites

There are four locations to pick up your share of the harvest. Members choose one location & time for the season. Specific distribution site info is here.

The Farm:

18613 Downing Rd Kearney, MO 64060 Wednesdays: after 1:30 pm or Saturdays: after 1:30 pm


at the Anderson’s, 414 N. Missouri, Liberty MO 64068Saturdays: 2:00 – 3:30 pm

Midtown, Kansas City:

at Lifted Spirits, 1732 Cherry St. Kansas City MO 64108,Wednesdays: 4:45 – 6:45 pm

Brookside, Kansas City:

at The Legacy Center at St. Peter’s Catholic Church 815 E Meyer Blvd Kansas City, MO 64131 Mondays: 5:00 – 7:00 pm


Share cost for 2018 is $375 for 16 weeks.

Member Participation

Each member household contributes by assisting with the harvest of the shares during the year. This farm work takes place on Saturday mornings (8am to 12 noon) and includes harvesting, washing, and packing that day’s CSA shares with the farmers, or otherwise assisting in farm work. In addition, members who work on the farm on Saturdays are asked to assist in bringing the produce to the Liberty distribution site after their mornings at the farm. Members will schedule these shifts on-line after purchase of their share.


Sorry 2018 shares are available only to 2017 CSA members at this time. Existing members will receive an email by mid-February with information to signup.

Partner Vendors

Fair Share Farm CSA seeks to benefit both its members by connecting them with local sources for healthy food not available through Fair Share Farm and to help local farmers who follow sustainable and/or organic practices reach those consumers who most value their products. Our Partner Vendors supply CSA shares to FSF CSA distribution sites. Members sign up for these add-on shares with the Partner vendors directly.

Parker Farms Grass-Fed/Pastured Meats

Parker Farms offers CSA shares comprised of their grass-fed beef and lamb and pastured pork and chicken.  They have a year-round CSA option or a share that is just for the FSF CSA season.  Click here for a deposit form.  Visit their Facebook page:  Parker Farms Natural Meats.  Contact the Parker family for more information:

Tom and Paula Parker
Jessica, Tiffany, Brittany, Kimberly
(816) 470- FARM

Goatsbeard and Skyview Farms Cheeses

The Fair Share Farm CSA Core Group coordinates a cheese share that is comprised of two of our area’s best dairies:  Goatsbeard Farm and Skyview Farm and Creamery.  This year, Skyview will not have cheese until mid-summer. Therefore, we are only offering an every-other week share with Goatsbeard cheeses for now. Once Skyview is able to participate, we will notify the membership.

Ken and Jen Muno at Goatsbeard say, “Here at Goatsbeard Farm we specialize in cheeses made from both pasteurized and raw (unpasteurized) goat milk. These are all known as “farmstead cheeses”, which means they are made on the farm where the milk is produced. We, as farmer/cheesemakers, control quality all along the way – from feeding and handling the goats to making, aging and packaging the cheese. Our standards are very high. We offer the following cheeses at Goatsbeard Farm: Fresh Rounds, Fresh Tubs, Soft-Ripened Cheese, Feta, and Raw Milk Cheese.”

A representative from Goatsbeard will be at the Spring Sign-up, with samples available. You may sign-up for a cheese share at the Spring Sign-up. Prices will remain the same as last year: $70 per share and may be paid to Goatsbeard Farm. You may pay for the share on March 19, or send payments to Fair Share Farm and they will be forwarded to Goatsbeard. Please remember all payments are due no later than July 31, 2016.

Companionship Breads

We  welcome back our newest Partner Vendor, Companionship Breads. This year, they are offering a 20 week bread share coinciding with the regular season of Fair Share Farm’s CSA.  They will be taking 4 weeks off in the middle of the season (July 6th – July 27th) for a family trip. The price of the share has been adjusted accordingly.

John Ramsey says, “We appreciate the support we received last year, and are ready to bake healthy local bread for CSA members again this year.  We will be at the Fair Share Farm Sign-up party on March 19th with bread to sample, loaves for sale, and contracts to sign for the coming season.”  Read all about them at the Companionship Bread blog.

Tiny Whole Farm

We are a small family farm offering pasture raised poultry, farm fresh eggs and raw goat milk. We will be offering our pasture poultry to members of the CSA for regular delivery, or bundled for bulk purchase. Both our layers and the broilers are raised without use of any antibiotics or growth hormones. We use a feed that is NON GMO. They are allowed to scratch for worms and gather insects as a chicken should. Our milking goats are also pharmaceutical free and are fed a custom blended feed that is NON GMO, corn and soy free. Their milk may be purchased at the farm or via special arrangements. Come see us at the Spring Sign-up to meet our family and learn more about our farm. We love to chat about our critters and look forward to meeting more of the Fair Share Farm family.” Chris & Janel Wagner – Noah and Hannah, Tiny Whole Farm

Fair Share Farm Eggs

We are offering egg shares of 1 dozen per week for 16 weeks at a cost of $80.