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2018 Sign-up

The Fair Share Farm CSA 2018 Sign-up is only available to 2017 CSA members at this time. Members may signup on-line beginning the week of 2/5/18. All existing members will receive an email with signup information.

Farm Work Guidelines

csa morning 061414 (1280x960)

Harvesting scallions

Membership surveys have shown that working at the farm and helping to bring in the harvest is one of the things people most enjoy about the Fair Share Farm CSA. We want the experience to be a fun, educational, safe and worthwhile morning. To help with that we ask that you read the At The Farm guidelines and plan accordingly.

On farm work days we begin promptly at 8AM with at safety talk and go over the plans for the morning. It is important that members arrive at the farm before 8AM to give themselves time to get ready for the morning activities.

Farm Work Schedule

csa onion help 080214 (1280x960)

Laying out onions to cure

Members that are not on the Core Group must sign up for their farm work shifts in advance of the season. This helps the farmers in planning harvest activities. You may sign up for your shift on-line.

We will be using the on-line site Sign-up Genius this year.

An up-to-date copy of the schedule will be available during the season on the Fair Share Farm CSA (closed group) Facebook page.

Distribution Site Information

A link with the 2018 who, what, when and where of each distribution site will be available here at the start of the season.

City Distribution

Liberty Distribution

Brookside Distribution

Farm Distribution