Welcome to Fair Share Farm.

In 2003, we began growing organic fruits and vegetables on Rebecca’s family farm in rural, northeastern Clay County, Missouri. We focus on building the soil through biological farming methods, including extensive cover cropping. The farm is home to 2 farmers, 3 cats, 100 hens, 2 roosters and countless frogs, butterflies, birds and insects. The 200+ acre family farm is planted in native grasses, good habitat for deer, turkey, quail, coyotes, and many other species of wildlife.

At the heart of Fair Share Farm are the 100+ families that join us in our efforts through Community Supported Agriculture. More than 20 different vegetables, fruits and herbs are grown for the CSA. Each family contributes between 4-16 hours per year to the CSA either by helping at the farm during the weekly harvests or on the Core Group which guides decision-making, holds member events, conducts the annual survey, coordinates the distribution sites and keeps the CSA running smoothly. We welcome you to join our community of happy eaters!

We have signed onto the CSA Charter. CSAs that endorse the Charter are making a public commitment to uphold the principles and practices delineated in the Charter. It will provide a window of transparency for member households and for farmers, helping define and clarify what CSA farms are all about.

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We are one of the few CSA farms in the area that does not also sell to other markets during the growing season. CSA members come first and receive the best quality and quantity that we have to offer. In return, we take very seriously the trust that is given and strive every day to grow productive and healthy crops. The farm is open to the membership on Saturday and Wednesday mornings and together we bring in the harvest. We encourage families to bring their children to the farm so that they can see where their food comes from and participate in the digging of the carrots, the picking of peas and the chasing of frogs and butterflies.  

Our fundamental farming practice is to focus on feeding the soil with cover crops, composts, mulches, manures and minerals to constantly improve its fertility. We plan our work each day with the goal of providing for the health and biological diversity of the farm, by giving back to the land every time we take something.

In addition to regenerating the soil we power the farm with renewable energy as much as possible. We purchase our grid power through our electric co-op’s Green Power Plan, use on-site solar panels to power our irrigation system and have an electric tractor that further reduces our carbon emissions. Our farming operations annually sequester over 60,000 lbs of carbon dioxide per year.

Fair Share Farm operates under the motto,
“Feed the Soil, Feed the People”

Located in Kearney Missouri, we serve the greater Kansas City Area, including Holt, Excelsior Springs, Gladstone, Liberty, and Lawson Missouri.