We grow nutrient-dense food on our family farm using regenerative practices that support human health and the health of the planet.

Our Beginning

In 2003, we began growing organic fruits and vegetables on Rebecca’s family farm in rural, northeastern Clay County, Missouri. We focus on building the soil through biological farming methods, including extensive cover cropping. The farm is home to the farmers, their cats, a large flock of laying hens, six “mower” sheep and countless wild creatures. Our infrastructure is focused on sustainable energy and includes a passive solar greenhouse, 30 gpm solar-powered irrigation system, electric tractor and utility vehicle, and a 20kW solar array that supplies most of the farm’s electricity needs. Fair Share Farm’s 20 acres is surrounded by the larger family farm where native grasses are grown for seed production.

Our Motto: “Feed the Soil – Feed the People”

Healthy people run on healthy crops grown in healthy soil. We build our soil through a combination of cover cropping, mulching, compost application, chicken rotations, mineral additions, and water management. These practices are good for human health and the health of our local ecosystem.

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Our Ferments

We create live-culture fermented foods from our farm produce in our on-farm commercial kitchen. More than 95% of our ingredients were raised on our farm using regenerative farming practices.

The health benefits of eating live culture foods are well established, including improvements to our digestive and immune systems. Crops adapted to our Midwestern climate are the stars in the jars and are combined in recipes that honor fermenting traditions from around the world.

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