Our Farm to Ferment products are made by hand and more
than 95% of their contents were raised on our farm.


Our Ferments


Our sauerkraut is pure and simple. Fair Share Farm cabbage and Redmond ancient sea salt. We keep our recipe basic so that the flavor of the cabbage shines through.


Spicy & flavorful.
This Mexican staple is yet another traditional recipe for the fermenting of vegetables. Use it as you would any hot sauce.

Our Jalapeño en Escabeche was chosen as a Finalist for the 2021 Good Food Award.

2021 Good Food Award Finalist


We use only vegetables & salt in our kimchi, keeping it vegetarian and vegan.
We raise several different varieties of napa cabbage for our traditional kimchi. A diversity of varieties provides more complex flavors and reduces our farming risk.


Beets and ancient sea salt are the only ingredients in this earthy but naturally sweet ferment. The fermenting process mellows out the beets & creates a crunchy but creamy relish.


This variety of kimchi is based
on several different Asian
greens, including bok choi and
tat soi. These mustard greens
provide a hearty body to this


Garlicky with a nice kick at the end. These cucumbers are
fermented with a good
quantity of garlic and cayenne
They are deliciously garlicky
and crunchy.


A classic El Salvadoran recipe. This mix of cabbage, carrot, onion, garlic oregano and ancient sea salt goes good on just about anything


Our hot sauce is a blend of fermented jalapenos and our ferment juices. It is hot and flavorful


Our daikon radish pickles are crunchy and tart and make a perfect live-culture snack. Try our white daikons with garlic, or our purple daikons with garlic and lemongrass.

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The simplest way to enjoy our ferments

  • As a side-dish
  • Garnish soup, chili, beans, grains
  • Top your morning eggs
  • Snack on some pickles between meals
  • In a sandwich, taco or burrito
  • Embellish a fresh greens salad
  • As a marinade for meat or fish

Additional Suggestions

Kimchi and Green Kimchi

In Korea, the home of kimchi, it is eaten at most every meal. Stir it into rice or grain for a tasty vegetarian dish. Use it as a marinade for meats to tenderize and flavor them. Add some to your fritters or pancakes for a savory treat. Or simple eat it by itself to enjoy the complex flavors that fermenting can bring out in vegetables.

If you are still not sure what to do, go on-line for a list of suggestions that will include kimchi pizza, burgers, noodles, stew, soup and more.

Daikon Pickles

A fragrant and delicious ferment, daikon pickles are a wonderful, crunchy snack or garnish. Whether on a charcuterie board or as an accompaniment to your favorite sandwich, their sharp but fresh taste helps round out any meal.

Be sure to save the juice when you are done with the pickles. This liquid is rich in flavor and nutrients. Use it as you would any vinegar—in a salad dressing, a marinade or a cocktail.

Jalapeños en Escabeche

Our most popular item, it is sometimes hard to believe that no cooking was involved in making this complex ferment. Jalapeño, carrot, onion, garlic, bay, oregano and salt blend into a flavor that is hard to duplicate. The heat is flavorful but fleeting, as we remove the seeds to mellow out this dish.

It is an excellent garnish for a soup or chili, adding body and flavor as you empty the bowl. It is a great topping on KC barbeque or in a taco or burrito. A tablespoon chopped fine and mixed with an avocado will make a guacamole like no other.


Perhaps the best known ferment we produce, this mix of cabbage and salt has been made for centuries. It is a nutritious source of vitamin C, fiber and probiotics.

It is a great recipe ingredient that enhances even the simplest of foods. Add it to boiled, roasted or mashed potatoes, cook it with pork or sausage, or top that grilled cheese sandwich for a meatless Reuben.

Garlic Cucumber Pickles

Clean and crisp, our pickles retain the freshness of summer and are another perfect charcuterie board addition.

Cut them thin to layer on a sandwich, chop them fine and add to egg or tuna salad, or eat them whole to enjoy the crunch. The brine is also a great drink addition, marinade or cooking liquid.


It is a wonderful accompaniment to most any dish, from a cracker to the traditional El Salvadoran pupusas,

Use curtido as you would sauerkraut or cole slaw. It goes great on a pulled pork sandwich, atop a bowl of beans or grains, in a taco, or by itself.

Beet Relish

A simple recipe of beets and salt are all that make up this nutritious delicacy. The fermenting mellows out the beets and creates a crunchy but creamy relish.

The sweetness in the relish comes only from the beets, not any added sugar. It goes great on a leafy green salad, alongside cheese, atop most any cut of meat, and by itself.

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